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Just a few short years ago, I was happily teaching elementary music, a job that I adored. When the economy tanked, there were cuts all over the place. We lost teachers, funds, and then. .  . . . . the unthinkable happened.  We lost the elementary music program.

         So what is a music-lovin',  but paycheck-dependent girl to do? Only one choice: take off down a new career path.  I landed in 3rd grade reading.  Although I will always miss teaching music, I am having a blast in my new position.  Also, my music background is helping me out daily. (A guitar adds a real "cool factor" to your teaching mojo--I highly recommend!) Needless to say, there is whole lot of rockin' and readin' going on in Room 308 at Kingsland Elementary School.

        I have been teaching for almost 20 years at the same school, so I have really gotten to know all the families of my students and the people I work with. I love my school, and I love my kids!

     My second love, after music of course, is technology.  I am so blessed to have great resources and equipment! Best of all, I have a classroom set of Chromebooks for use next year!  I can't wait to teach in a classroom in which each student has access to technology at any time during the day.  No waiting to book the computer lab ever again!

     This is my first attempt at a blog, and so I am still learning.  But I appreciate feedback, questions,  and comments.  You may email me here.  Please, keep it positive or at least constructive!

     My hope is that you find something funny, inspiring, useful or uplifting on my page.

                                                        Thanks for dropping by!

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