Thursday, August 1, 2013

Folder Holders (Simple and Affordable)

Have you ever wanted to purchase a seat sack or chair organizer, but couldn't afford them?  They are SO expensive!  This year, I got a decent deal on some homemade denim seat sacks.  Then I dyed them and added a ribbon detail.  When I (finally) finish my classroom and post pics, you will get to see them.

My son starts Kindergarten this year, and one of the K teachers saw my seat sacks and wanted to make some.  So I thought I would try to come up with a design for her to use.  Her room has a jungle theme. I think these turned out really cute and they were not difficult or expensive to put together. 

With folders:
Without folders:
How to make them:
I  bought this in the fabric section of Walmart for about $8.
13 1/2 inches wide worked nicely for me.  The plastic is 9 feet by 54 inches.  Cut it into 54 inch strips that are @13.5 inches wide.  Then fold cut that in half so that you have two 27 inch strips that are 13.5 inches wide. You only need one strip for the folder holder.

Begin by taping one short edge with duct tape. There are so many cool duct tapes now; you can find one that matches your classroom design.

Then you want to fold that strip about 1/3 of the length of the strip and staple the sides.

Then flip it over and fold the other end in the other direction and staple the sides again.  One pocket will hold the folder. One pocket will go over the chair back. 

Then add duct taper border and put it on the chair!  Very simple!

I don't know how strong these will be.  They will hold folders just fine though!  I may work on other designs in the future.


  1. Great idea!!! I actually got some seat sacks from a co-worker who left our school last week. Otherwise, I would have tried your project. Also, your classroom décor is beautiful! I downloaded your Always Remember poster from TN. I love it. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the comment! Have a great year.

  3. Thank you so much for this idea!!! I spent hours sewing seat covers a few years ago only to have the fall apart the 2nd year I tried to use them. This year I bought book covers and tried to use that,... they stretch and fall apart,... onto making yours ! Thanks :-)