Monday, July 1, 2013

Painted Frames

Pinterest is a lot of fun for a lot of reasons, but particularly if you are a teacher. If you, like me, have seen picture frame projects you want to try, let me give you a tip.  I bought this beautiful frame at Michael's for only $8.  It's solid wood and awesome.  I almost hated to paint it, but I wanted it to match my classroom decor.  The reason it was so cheap is because it was an "OOPS" (It actually had the word Oops! written on the back.) from the framing department.  There were several to choose from. 

There was no glass or backing of course, but that makes it perfect for those Pinterest projects where you don't need that stuff anyway.

I'll post again when I decide how I'm going to use it. I may add my own backing. . . . 

(to be continued. . . )

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